Lorava works with the leadership teams of various types of organizations to improve their decisions about the future – setting strategic direction and building organizational capacity.

We do this by generating insights from research, and skillfully facilitating leadership meetings to arrive at solutions that are practical, implementable, and unique to the needs of each client.

At the start of each project we work with our client to identify the central strategic issues to be resolved. We then design our work to focus on these issues, making our engagement targeted and efficient. This allows us to provide high-value strategy work on issues of primary importance to our clients.

Strategic solutions are designed collaboratively with our client, so that good ideas get adopted, and plans get implemented. This approach results in outcomes that are valuable, relevant, and lasting.

Lorava was founded on a belief that a combination of intelligent analysis, thoughtful listening, and expert facilitation could be used to create a unique and highly valuable strategy service to cater all kinds of industry sectors.

Launched in 2013, Lorava has attracted a talented team of committed individuals who bring experience from premier strategy consulting firms, strong educational backgrounds, work experience in different sectors, and an abiding dedication to help further the missions of our clients.

Organizations we have served range from leading national players to small innovative endeavors. All have a desire and motivation to find excellent solutions to core strategic issues they are facing.

Since its founding, our reputation has wide spread among many clients. Lorava is now recognized as one of the leader in its field, providing a remarkable service of lasting benefit to all its clients.

Our Team

Our staff is a talented, diverse group of professionals with experience in many domains. Many have educational background from the best IT and Business schools within the US. Few have also worked with the top notch IT firms. We bring exceptional skills in deep listening, analytical methodologies, constructive problem-solving, group facilitation, and clarity of expression.

We have an abiding respect for the energy and expertise of our clients. We are inspired by the individuals with whom we work, and honored by the opportunity to help organizations achieve their missions

At LORAVA, our staff is what makes our company prosper. We believe our staff is our top asset and our success lies in how well we source, hire and retain the best talent. We hire intelligent and motivated experts who take pride in and prioritize developing superior software solutions for our clients.

We are proud team of software engineers at LORAVA. We always source these talented individuals from US prestigious universities. Their impressive engineering skills result in the delivery of powerful professional software solutions that are best suited for our clients’ needs. Our experienced management team and partners guide and support our engineers and their decisions throughout the development process.

Guidance and support is offered directly and through regular opportunities for professional development. Every year, all employees undergo a complete performance review in which we encourage two-way employee-supervisor feedback regarding performance and contributions to the team at LORAVA. The review system helps us to recognize and reward outstanding employees for the results they obtain.