Who we are

SRI ANAGHA INC, doing business as LORAVA has a strong team of skilled and experienced IT professionals who provide software development solutions to clients with small to corporate-sized businesses, worldwide. Our professionals bring the most value to our clients' need. Our team of experts work side by side with clients' perosnnel to support the changes required in their existing strategies, processes, analytics and end-user experience by using cutting edge technologies. We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create the change that matters the most to their business. We have helped our clients identify and set the direction toward their most important goals. Our clients have used our services and continue to use our professional staff for their Information Technology requirments, which in-turn help them increase income streams, build and improve business channels. We help each and every client turn their ambitious goals into reality. Our clients-list include companies ranging from new start-ups to well-established corporations.

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About us

LORAVA is a professional software development firm that is a valuable partner to our clients by rapidly producing original software, pharmaceutical and pharmacovigulence solutions.

Client Speaks

  Our company's strategic partnership with Lorava Public Services to develop an innovative gamification platform to improve consumer engagement with wellness tools and products.

- Ruth Joel, Chief Technology Officer at Raasi Excels

Our Clients